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About the Campsite

[The Little Abington Campsite badge shows a tent, a campfire, and Scout neckerchiefs]

Current status: Cambridgeshire County Scout Council has now agreed to sell the campsite to Cambridge International School, who are based in the village. The bid was put together in patnership with Little Abington Parish Council. Commenting on the sale, Daniel Sturdy from Cambridge International School said "We are delighted to be acquiring this site. We plan to operate it as an Outdoor Education Centre, including a forest school and will work with a range of community groups. We look forward to welcoming Scout Groups and other youth and community groups back onto the site in the very near future."

Little Abington Campsite and Training Ground is a Scout campsite currently managed by Cambridgeshire County Scout Council. The village of Little Abington itself lies around eight miles south-east of Cambridge, close to the A1307. The site is here (at the green arrow) on Google Maps.

The campsite comprises grass and woodland, covering about seven acres; it is bordered on the south by the small stream that becomes the River Granta. There are indoor catering facilities, showers, and toilets. Pioneering, shooting, and archery are among the on-site activities available. There are plenty of routes for hiking in the local area. Local attractions include Duxford Imperial War Museum and Linton Zoo.

The site is home to the Abington Jeremiahs Scout Group.

The site could be booked by Scout groups and other registered charities until the end of July 2013, but is at present closed, as the County Executive Committee for Cambridgeshire Scouts has decided to sell it. For more information, see above. (There's more about responses to the decision to sell below, though most of this dates from before Cambridge International School put in their bid, and it looked as if the site would be sold to developers.) There is information on the Scout County's website at This includes a Campsite directory, interspersing information about alternative campsites inside and outside Cambridgeshire.

History and ownership documents

Sale of the site: the Scout County's decision

Cambridgeshire Scout Council Executive Committee decided at their meeting on 20th February 2013 to sell the campsite in its entirety with the already-acquired planning permission for residential development, for as much money as it would fetch. You can read the advertisement (with further details) from the agent January's. The statements that were on the Scout County's website about the sale (archived here) have recently been removed. The current statement and update are on this page. The Scout County was, it turns out, considering selling the whole site back in October 2012, though this was not widely known at the time. The contact details for the Executive Committee are to be found here.

Opposition to the sale, and alternative options

Media coverage

This website

I should like to make it clear that the present website isn't representing, or run on behalf of, Cambridgeshire County Scout Council itself. I used to run the official campsite website at this address, but what you're now reading is unofficial. It's possible that the information that I used to host here will be available on the Scout County's website at some point.

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